Sumatran maanjäristyksen ja hyökyaallon jälkeen

Eräs indonesialainen oli mennyt torille ostamaan huopia Sumatralla kuolleiden käärimiseksi ja kohtasi yllättävää ystävällisyyttä. Tässä hänen kertomuksensa:

.. On the other side, I feel the need to share with you my experience that is unforgetable.

This morning, I went to Mayestik market (in Jakarta) with other parents from my kid's school, to buy some blankets and tissues for wrapping dead bodies, as what Islam demands. We carried the money from friends' donation, that we thought was already a huge lot of money. We asked the kiosk-keeper on how much the tissues cost. When we calculated it, we were astonished by the fact that our money would only cover for about 20 bodies. We felt so bad, thinking on how little we could donate, if compared to the bodies on the field. And we had not even asked the cost of the blanket yet.

We were discussing on whether we should cancel the purchasing, and sent the money to the aid bank account instead, when the owner of the kiosk approached us and asked what those plenty of tissues we would buy for. We told him that our friend would leave to Aceh and we wanted him to carry our donation. The kiosk owner asked whether he could also pass his donation via our friend.

The magic clang when we said yes. He asked his boys to go here and there, do this and that, which we finally realized that he spread the news to other kiosk-owners about the donation to Aceh. Within half an hour, there were hundreds of flannel tissues that were already cut as per the size of bodies wrapped and blanket! Kids' size, adults' size... all is donated.

They helped us carry those flannel materials into the car, and they refused the tips we handed. They said, "Just send our love to those survivors in Aceh. May God relieve their suffering."

I was thrilled. Even now, when I recall my shocks watching all the kiosk-keepers and kiosk-owners arrived in that particular kiosk, all of a sudden, with a whole lot of flannel tissues, I feel deplorably touched and also content as we still have plenty of pure hearts in the country. Hope that our brothers and sisters in Aceh could feel the warmth of our hearts, holding them in prayers.